Balance and Ser Tech announce strategic marketing alliance

DALLAS, TX (June 14, 2017) — BALANCE and Ser Tech have announced the formation of a strategic alliance between the two companies. The alliance provides Ser Tech with access to the BALANCE library of world-class financial education content, as well as call center support for Ser Tech credit union clients.

Credit unions utilizing Ser Tech’s suite of marketing programs will now be able to integrate data-driven campaigns with a seamless member education experience.  From the initial marketing message, all the way through member outreach, Ser Tech and BALANCE can help credit unions deliver on their marketing promises.

“I am excited with the opportunities afforded by this partnership,” said Shana Richardson, CEO of Ser Tech. “By utilizing the many resources available through BALANCE, we are able to create something needed in the credit union community—a complete front-to-back marketing experience that leverages data with smart, personal service.  Whether it’s utilizing our Flitter™ program to deliver financial education based on FICO® scores, or fulfilling pre-approved offers using our Fetch Marketing platform, the BALANCE team is an integral part of the equation.”

Credit union members will benefit by receiving targeted, product-related financial content such as auto buying tips, mortgage advice, credit card/debt management, and identity theft prevention.

“As a nonprofit committed to financially empowering consumers, we are thrilled to partner with Ser Tech and their credit union clients,” said Kathryn J. Davis, President/CEO of BALANCE. “Financial education is so critical when consumers are making important life decisions such as buying a car or home. By providing this information during the sales cycle, we can help credit unions continue their reputation as good stewards in the financial services community. Our relationship with Ser Tech also gives us the ability to have important one-on-one conversations with people during this process.”

About Ser Tech

Ser Tech is a financial technology services company that leverages credit data to help clients target consumers to generate new loans, provide actual FICO scores and credit education for consumers, and identify, measure and manage portfolio risk and opportunity through comprehensive loan management. Ser Tech is headquartered in Dallas, serving more than 3,000 credit unions since 1994.

About Balance

Founded in 1969 as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco, BALANCE today is the nation’s largest financial health provider with a mission to help consumers achieve financial independence through debt reduction, homeownership, and improved money management skills.


Sarah Snell Cooke

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