BankersHub hosts free webcast on benefits of live streaming

MADISON, WI (December 17, 2013) —  Online financial services educator BankersHub will host a free webcast entitled: “The Benefits and Challenges of Live Streaming Events: How to Drive Revenue, Awareness, and New Audiences to Your Next Event” on Thursday, December 19, 2013, from 3-4 p.m. (EST). BankersHub Co-founders Erin Handel and Michael Beird will speak on this timely topic, showing how companies can “virtually” double their events’ attendance and increase revenues simply by adding a live stream element – having both a paid-for physical and virtual audience.

According to Handel, “Unlike traditional webinars, live streaming provides remote customers the opportunities to watch the speaker live and sense the excitement and emphasis that one can get through visual cues rather than just audio. As with webinars, live streaming also has a playback recording that can be archived and accessed at later dates for people unable to attend the event on location.”

Some sample events in which banks, associations, event producers, and solutions providers should consider live streaming include:

  • New product launches
  • Corporate training, tradeshows and conferences
  • Community education
  • Executive briefings and panels
  • User/Customer conferences (when many customers are unable to travel)

In this free webcast, Handel and Beird will discuss:

  • Overall perception of live streaming and its challenges
  • Formats of live streaming and hybrid events
  • Designing and preparing content and training speakers
  • Developing an engaging user experience
  • Overcoming cannibalization of face-to-face attendance

“The last few years have been particularly challenging with cut travel budgets, forcing former attendees to search for less expensive ways to stay current with relevant industry trends,” states Beird,  “As a result, organizations worldwide are considering more technology-driven solutions to meet these goals. One solution getting the attention of event producers is the hybrid event, which is simply defined as ‘a live gathering that incorporates a virtual element’ – such as live streaming the event’s content online that creates dual audiences: one physical, one virtual. This dual audience can grow an event’s audience exponentially, equating to increased revenue, as well.”

For more information or to register for this free webcast, visit: “The Benefits and Challenges of Live Streaming Events: How to Drive Revenue, Awareness, and New Audiences to Your Next Event”.

About BankersHub

BankersHub was founded in 2012 by two financial services professionals, Managing Director – Financial Services Michael Beird and Managing Director – Events and Education Erin Handel. Both Beird and Handel are dedicated to educating and informing banks, credit unions, solution providers and consultants in the U.S. and around the globe. BankersHub delivers best practices, research insights, opinions, economic trends and consumer views through online web education, virtual events and conferences, live streaming activities, custom training and content development. For more information, visit:

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