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NOVI, MI (January 16, 2024)Under the visionary leadership of the Executive Team,  Board of Directors, and commitment of every team member, Vibe Credit Union proudly  announces its refreshed purpose and values. The credit union will drive itself into a future  where community and opportunity take center stage. 

Vibe’s new purpose, “Elevating Community and Creating Opportunity” is its commitment to  overall well-being. It reflects its promise to build and support a community where everyone is  valued and has the chance to lead a fulfilling life. 

Vibe is raising the bar for credit unions everywhere to make “people helping people” more than  just a motto. The core values, Be Inclusive, Embrace Change, Educate, and Seek Opportunities, guide Vibe’s commitment to team members and communities. 

Chaz Rzewnicki, CEO of Vibe said, “We are excited to make our purpose and values a reality.  These aren’t words on a wall but who we are and what we do. As a credit union, we have a  unique ability to help others overcome barriers and truly elevate the lives of those we can  touch.” 

Last year, Vibe’s team members dedicated over 6,500 hours to community impact, joining  forces with 188 organizations. Their services made an impact on people facing homelessness,  food insecurities, domestic violence, lack of financial education, and other prevalent  inequalities. 

Stepping into 2024, Vibe envisions an even more significant impact on its communities through  an enhanced Community Impact Program. This program will allow opportunities for its team  members to be more connected within the communities they serve. Throughout metro Detroit, team members will focus on addressing food and housing insecurity, a barrier to reaching financial empowerment. 

Jennifer Bleau, Chief Brand and Growth Officer, said, “As a community-based financial  institution, I believe we can make a difference in more than just what we offer from a products  and services standpoint. When you can connect something as highly emotional as an  

individual’s financial situation to a positive experience that extends beyond the walls of our  offices – that’s when a genuine brand connection is made.”

Vibe Credit Union staff members at its 2023 Community Impact Day with Habitat for Humanity

About Vibe Credit Union

Vibe Credit Union has been serving its members for over 85 years and today has $1.2 billion in assets, 14 branches, and 76,000 members. To learn more, please visit their website at or call 248.735.9500.


Lacy Lobenstein
Marketing Associate

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