Belvoir Federal undergoes innovative branch remodel

WOODBRIDGE, VA, (July 30, 2014) — Belvoir Federal Credit Union is undergoing a branch remodel which will incorporate the latest technological advancements to help focus on service excellence and promote greater communication between members and Belvoir Federal employees.

Belvoir Federal is revitalizing the headquarters branch lobby in Woodbridge, VA. The new design will accelerate productivity and reduce transaction times with the right combination of automation technologies, which will ultimately allow Belvoir Federal employees to have a more personalized member interaction to drive sales of the credit union’s products/services.

The new branch technology will include Remote Teller Stations (RTS) and dialog towers, which will help reduce expenses, create more efficiencies, and generate positive cash flow. The dialog towers remove the traditional teller window barriers between members and employees, creating a more individualized experience.

The innovative design enhances branch security on multiple levels. The safe deposit vault, which will become a self-service function, will use biometric advancements, allowing members to access their safe deposit boxes with their handprint. The RTS units will keep tellers in a secure location while simultaneously helping multiple members.

The dialog towers will encompass a Teller Cash Recycler (TCR), which adds an extra level of security while optimizing a small footprint within the branch. The TCRs will count and efficiently dispense bills and coins in any denomination the member requests, ultimately allowing employees to learn more about the members and their credit union needs.

Patricia Kimmel, CEO/President of Belvoir Federal stated, “We are excited to showcase a branch with the latest technology. It is an opportunity to recognize the new delivery expectations of our membership. The branch revitalization is a great investment in the future for both our members-owners and Belvoir Federal.”

About Belvoir Federal Credit Union
Belvoir Federal is a member-owned, full-service financial institution that provides the foundation for the financial success of our Members. Belvoir Federal, a not-for-profit organization, has served the Fort Belvoir and U.S. Armed Forces community since 1946 and named 2014 Best Places to Work in Virginia. For more information about Belvoir Federal, please visit

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