Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder to Headline TMG Client Conference

DES MOINES, IA (June 11, 2013) To better connect financial institution clients with consumer insights, payments processor The Members Group (TMG) is preparing an agenda of speakers from both in and outside the financial industry for its 2013 Client Conference. Kicking off the three-day event, which will take place in Stowe, Vermont, will be Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield. Greenfield promises a unique perspective on reacting to consumer behaviors, creating memorable customer experiences and inspiring innovation within an established company or brand. His presentation will pay tribute to America’s entrepreneurial spirit and also address the great sense of fun that is Ben & Jerry’s hallmark.

“It’s critical for financial institutions to understand and apply consumer behaviors and attitudes to their innovation strategies,” said TMG’s Georgann Smith, vice president of marketing. “As they flush out their core competencies, value propositions and what will maintain their relevancy in a changing marketplace, TMG will connect our clients with the information they need to succeed. The 2013 Client Conference agenda is a clear indication of our commitment to providing these valuable, consumer-focused resources.”

Following a theme of “Inspire. Innovate. Engage,” TMG will devote a full day to each of the theme’s components.

On Monday, July 22, speakers will focus on inspiring attendees to tap the entrepreneurial thinkers in their organizations. Radical business philosophies from outside the financial industry will serve as a backdrop to a series of sessions designed to uncover new ideas.

The next day, July 23, attendees will experience presentations centered on an “Innovate” theme where the truth about “how innovation really happens” is the subject of the day’s kick-off presentation. Also on deck for Tuesday are sessions on financial service innovations, EMV/chip card technology, and fraud prevention.

“Engage” is the theme for Wednesday, July 24, the final day of the annual conference, which last year drew a record number of attendees. Credit union and community bank leaders will hear advice on upsetting the apple cart in a way that creates demand for a financial institution’s brand. Event organizers say attendees will walk away engagement strategies focused on learning what customers want before they even know they want it. Topics to be covered in Wednesday’s sessions include customer relationships, data analytics and compliance.

To take full advantage of the conference setting, TMG has prepared an entertainment agenda to connect attendees with Vermont. Attendees will experience fly fishing, a dinner cruise, zip-lining, and of course, a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory tour.

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