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Credit unions aggressively pursuing more/better data

TAMPA, FL (February 28, 2020)Best Innovation Group (BIG) a technology and financial services innovator, announces the availability of its 3rd semi-annual survey on the progress of data analytics in the credit union industry. The survey seeks to assess both the current status and forward planning in the credit union industry regarding the strategy and implementation of data analytics tools and processes.

“Throughout 2017 and 2018, credit unions came to realize that data was foundational to business intelligence (using data to drive vastly more effective decisions) and digital services, using data to reduce service friction, improve growth, reduce costs, manage lending and fraud,” shares Kirk Kordeleski, managing partner at BIG’s Consulting division. “In 2019, it’s clear that the industry was developing strategies for data analytics and executing on those strategies with gusto!”

Credit unions can download the survey results from BIG’s website as well as participate in some additional data analytics maturity benchmarking. In exchange for their participation, credit unions can receive a free assessment and consultation from BIG’s data analytics consulting experts.

Kirk Kordeleski, Best Innovation Group, Consulting Division.

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