Beyond Marketing, LLC rebrands to BYM Agency

LENEXA, KS (July 28, 2014) — Beyond Marketing, LLC, the country’s first full-service marketing CUSO, is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand. The company will now be operating under the new name BYM Agency. BYM decided to take a page from its own book when rebranding to reflect the ‘why’ behind everything it does. The agency has chosen to focus on the qualities that differentiate credit unions and CUSOs- from their competitors.

“As an agency we work at combining the creative and analytical sides of the spectrum in everything that we do.  And we see ourselves continuing to move further into behavioral or “context” marketing.  That’s where we can introduce products only to those who are in a credit union’s FOM, while they are researching their next car or home,” agency director Kat Anstine said.

The new website, which was designed to support credit union marketers by sharing best practices for unleashing marketing potential, features large images and a scrolling format.

“Our new site uses some of the latest web technologies to create an experience that reflects the excitement and creativity of BYM Agency. The site is meant to be viewed everywhere, on -any device. The graphics and look are impactful,” web developer Tony Schappaugh said. “We see our new site as more than simply a redesign. It’s a new way to tell our story.”

“A company’s brand is similar to a person’s reputation,” Larry Hayes, Chief Executive Officer of BYM Agency said. “An authentic brand emanates from everything that the company does.”

About BYM Agency
BYM Agency, formally known as Beyond Marketing, is the nation’s first full-service marketing CUSO.  National in scope, we identify trends and share success as part of our cooperative business model.  We believe in authenticity and engagement. Our team has an unstoppable drive to develop memorable creative with measurable results. For more information visit or @BYMarketing on Twitter.

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