Biz Kid$ honored as beneficiary of SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl Game

Biz Kid$, the award winning financial literacy television series funded by America’s Credit Unions, was recently the beneficiary of the 2015 San Diego County Credit Union®(SDCCU®) Poinsettia Bowl.  This is the only collegiate bowl game sponsored by a credit union, and this was the first time that Biz Kid$ has been the beneficiary. $1 of each ticket sold was donated to San Diego County to provide additional sets of the SDCCU Biz Kid$ Program to teachers.

The National Credit Union Foundation is responsible for fundraising and outreach of the Biz Kid$ program, a national financial literacy initiative that teaches kids about money and business. The overall objective of Biz Kid$ is to engage young people and help them develop life skills such as budgeting, saving, entrepreneurship.  Each Biz Kid$ episode is funded exclusively by credit unions from across the country.

2“SDCCU is proud that Biz Kid$ was the beneficiary of the 2015 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. Each ticket sold for this year’s game has the potential to benefit thousands of students in our community, and the San Diego region, for years into the future,” said SDCCU President and CEO Teresa Halleck (pictured at far right in check picture below). “As San Diego’s largest locally-owned financial institution, and a Live Well San Diego partner, SDCCU is committed to encouraging and maintaining good financial health among individuals in our communities, which is essential to fostering a healthy and thriving economy.”

In total, $22,500 was donated to support Biz Kid$ in San Diego – which is amazing! Also, in attendance from Biz Kid$ were Jamie Hammond, Executive Producer (5th from left in check picture below), and Kaelon Horst, Biz Kid$ cast member.


Thanks to SDCCU and all those who attended the game, more children in San Diego County are going to have the opportunity to experience the Biz Kid$ program and increase their financial literacy.

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