Blue Line Protection Group provides financial review

DENVER, CO (April 25, 2024) — Blue Line Protection Group Inc. (OTCQB: BLPG) is pleased to summarize the 2023 financial results. 2023 was a profitable year for the Company, as shown in our 10K filing. Revenue grew by 13% respectively, and operating income rose to an impressive $762,713. Total assets grew by $478,493 and shareholders deficit was reduced by $518,470. Additionally, the Company processed over $1,400,000,000 in cash pickups throughout 2023, with that number anticipated to increase in 2024.

As our presence and reputation has become more established in the State of New Mexico, our clientele has continued to grow, with new banks and clients being onboarded weekly. Compared to the prior year, 2023 saw over a 1000% growth in revenue in this market.

Our Arizona branch continues to produce strong revenue numbers, as the medical and recreational shops in the industry post impressive sales numbers. Being an industry leader in the State of Arizona, the Company transports over 70% of all the legal cannabis sales for deposit verification and transportation to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Colorado and Nevada continue to produce as mature markets, and have seen the industry consolidate. The Company continues to lead with a superior service and safety reputation, and therefore continues to grow, onboarding clients monthly.

About Blue Line Protection Group, Inc

Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. provides armored cash-in-transit (CIT) and cash management services, including currency processing, to financial institutions and retail businesses in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Further, the company’s compliance services help financial institutions serving cash-intensive industries comply with federal “know your customer” mandates. For more information, visit


Dan Allen
Blue Line Protection Group

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