Bluepoint Solutions’ white paper “enterprise content management for regulatory compliance” explores cross-industry correlation

HENDERSON, NV (December 17, 2013) — Bluepoint Solutions today announced the availability of a new white paper, “Enterprise Content Management for Regulatory Compliance: Best Practices Credit Unions Should Adapt from the Healthcare Industry.” This report explores how enterprise content management (ECM) has been used in the healthcare industry to address regulatory compliance requirements during the past ten years and applies these best practice lessons to credit unions and other financial institutions.

The white paper presents key findings extracted from the regulatory challenges faced by the healthcare industry. Financial institutions can take advantage of these lessons learned as they face similarly stringent regulations and compliance failure penalties. Drawing on research from multiple sources across multiple sectors including government authorities, industry associations, and private analyst groups as well as well-documented case studies,  the paper details how credit unions can use ECM to optimize the management of critical member data. Successfully deployed ECM systems will mitigate security and compliance failure risks, while lowering the costs of managing that data, and finding new ways of extracting value from it.
Specific regulatory challenges addressed in the white paper include:

·         Information security risk

·         Paper documents reliance

·         Outsourced services risk

·         Siloed systems

·         Compliance costs

 “Healthcare companies have successfully deployed ECM systems during the past decade to manage risks associated with regulatory compliance, avoid millions of dollars of penalties, and streamline operations,” said Andrew Tilbury, chief marketing officer for Bluepoint Solutions. “Many lessons can be learned by credit unions from the ways the healthcare industry uses ECM to address similar compliance challenges.”
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