Board Evaluation Tools Now Available Through CUNA Partnership with the Paragon Group

MADISON, WI (September 13, 2013) — CUNA has announced a new series of board effectiveness tools available through partnership with The Paragon Group. These board metrics tools and ordering information are available via CUNA’s website.

Based in Olympia, WA, The Paragon Group provides board effectiveness evaluations that allow directors to regularly review performance and make changes as necessary while keeping essential traditions alive. “Credit unions are a great fit for the Paragon attitude toward effective board performance,” said Kevin Smith, Director of Learning Events at CUNA. “Credit union boards need members capable of strategic decision-making, who can ask questions and incite change, all while upholding traditional credit union ideals.”

The assessment tools available through this partnership include:

  • Board Competencies: Board members identify the competencies needed, assess the current level of skills and identify areas that need strengthening.
  • Board Effectiveness: Board members evaluate the performance of the board of directors to identify strengths that need to be amplified and improvement opportunities.
  • Personal: Individuals evaluate their contribution to the credit union board to develop professional development plans.
  • Peer: Board members evaluate the performance of their peers to ensure high performance standards and establish performance criteria for re-nomination.

CUNA preferred pricing is available through this partnership.

For more information on this partnership and the board effectiveness tools, visit

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