Branch makeover highlights new corporate image

NEW YORK, NY (June 5, 2015) – Visions Federal Credit Union recently had DEI Incorporated, a national design/build firm, transform two branches based on their new brand.  The renovations of the dated Elmira and Endicott, New York facilities breathed new life into these high-traffic locations.

Upon rebranding, Visions wanted to apply their new look to their most profitable and out-dated locations.  This design prototype was first applied to the Elmira, New York location and later the Endicott branch.  In an impressive feat of construction phasing, these two locations remained open during their renovations, which required most of the work be performed at night.  The new design took an out-dated facility and turned it into an opportunity to experience the new Visions Federal Credit Union.

According to Lisa Darling, Visions’ AVP of Operations, “What was old became new again and the cost of renovating an existing building far outweighed building new.  Our members’ responses since these locations were completed have been tremendous.  We’re going to continue applying our new brand to other locations until we have a consistent brand look.”

DEI is a national design/build company that goes beyond the expected to turn your project into a growth opportunity.  We create sales environments by incorporating all aspects of facility planning and strategic analysis through architecture, construction, and interior and retail design.  We design and build to grow your business.


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