Branch snapshot(s) and eCommerce: Great bedfellows!

(July 16, 2015) — Over the last decade, LEVEL5 has partnered with hundreds of financial institutions across America to help them grow and improve performance. Although much of the industry identifies LEVEL5 with its design-build performance in executing branch and main office projects, the company’s true power is the integration of business planning with the project implementation.  This combination mitigates risk and produces a greater Return on Investment (ROI) for LEVEL5 clients.

LEVEL5’s proprietary site selection practice marries market analysis with real estate to help banks and credit unions quantify loan and deposit opportunity. The team layers this critical information into proforma balance sheet and income statements with actionable site information, so financial institutions (FI) can make informed decisions about the return a branch will produce based on market conditions and investment.

“When we started LEVEL5, nearly 12 years ago, it was important to us to not only be able to deliver a great branch solution, but to simultaneously provide a ‘business case’ for expansion with the branch,” says LEVEL5 co-founder and Principal, John Hyche. “In my 30 years advising FIs, the number one question I get in regards to branching is… ‘What’s in it for me?’…that’s the question we solve every day at LEVEL5.”

LEVEL5 now offers a streamlined service to aid a banks or credit unions in evaluating specific branch opportunities. Our Branch Snapshot Analysis is designed to quantify loan and deposit opportunity for a specific branch opportunity i.e. a site, building or proposed intersection quickly so a FI can make a “go/no go” decision and set the pace for future steps. In less than 30 days, a bank or credit union’s CEO and Board can have specific information over whether a branching opportunity will turn a profit and produce an acceptable ROI based on the facts.

This service offered by LEVEL5 is not new, but the way a FI can order this service is…

LEVEL5 is pleased to announce its new eCommerce site!  Banks and credit unions can now order the Branch Snapshot Analysis quickly and efficiently. With just a few clicks, the process is under way and the results follow soon.

Click on this link to start your journey toward greater ROI with LEVEL5’s unique approach to delivering services!


About LEVEL5 

Headquartered in Atlanta, with other offices strategically located to best serve its clients, LEVEL5 is a consulting and facilities development firm that works exclusively with community-based financial institutions across the United States. For a decade LEVEL5 has assisted hundreds of financial institutions in the development and implementation of growth strategies through its unique services that include consulting, real estate, integrated design, construction management and branding. For more information visit the company’s website at

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