Brand and culture integration marks the future of credit union workplaces

On The Mark Strategies and Matt Monge pioneer a holistic culture and branding solution.

DALLAS, TX (September 12, 2019)Credit union thought leader Matt Monge and his companies—The Mojo Company and Moxie & Mark—have permanently joined forces with On The Mark Strategies. Monge will serve as On The Mark Strategies’ Director of Culture as he and the On The Mark Strategies team pioneer a holistic culture and branding solution for credit unions.

“There’s a crucial need in the credit union marketplace today for culture and leadership development that aligns with your brand,” said Mark Arnold, founder and president of On The Mark Strategies. “We are thrilled to welcome Matt and his expertise to our team as we help credit unions grow staff engagement through remote training options and personalized leadership development programs.”

Research proves that engaged workforces outperform those who are disengaged. For every $10,000 a disengaged employee makes, they cost their employer $3,500. Successful credit unions of the future of will be the ones who operationalize their brand, which means the brand is implemented across all levels of the organization.

“Your credit union’s identity cannot be pieced together with bits from marketing and member experience,” Monge said. “This thinking from the past is what has led to disjointed strategies, tactics, as well as member and staff experiences. Today, everything must operate together, and that is what On The Mark Strategies is going to help credit unions do.”

Matt has worked in the credit union industry for more than 10 years, serving first as Director of Education and then Vice President of People and Development at Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union (Now Fortera), and then as Chief Culture and Brand Officer at Mazuma Credit Union. He’s been named a Top 100 Employee Engagement Expert and has delivered keynote speeches throughout the country.

“You must align your culture, your visual look and your brand identity,” Arnold said. “This is not just marketing. It’s not just culture. It’s operationalizing your brand.”

Matt will work with the On the Mark Strategies team to provide personalized culture development, member experience and leadership training for credit unions across the country. For more information about On The Mark Strategies, including creative samples and video testimonials, visit or call (214) 538-4147.

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