BSG Financial Group webinar to instruct financial institution executives how to build and sustain healthy workplace cultures

Webinar to address challenges and expectations of today’s workforce and how to attract and retain top talent by creating a great place to work

LOUISVILLE, KY (June 12, 2018) — BSG Financial Group, a provider of revenue-enhancing programs and compliance solutions for financial institutions nationwide, announced today it will host a webinar for financial institutions entitled, “Building Healthy Workplace Cultures” on Thursday, June 21 at 2 pm EST. The free webinar—which is part of an ongoing educational series that the company provides for its clients and potential customers—will teach executives at community financial institutions how to build and sustain healthy workplace cultures to attract and retain top talent.

BSG Financial Group is offering this webinar in response to the expectations and challenges of today’s workforce, which values collaboration, cooperation and value-based leadership. “With the right tools and training, financial executives can provide an environment to takes teams from their current level to a higher, more productive level,” said webinar presenter Jeff Peden M.Ed., founder of Culture Docs,™ a leadership training and consulting group. “Fostering a great place to work leads to better work done in less time, resulting in increased ROI on both employees and customers.”

In the 60-minute webinar, Peden will present:

  •     Profile of Healthy Organizations
  •     Working successfully with today’s workforce
  •     Role of Leadership in defining and designing healthy workplace cultures
  •     How learning and behavior change really works
  •     Setting clear expectations and accountability

Webinar attendees will have the opportunity to obtain a signed copy of Peden’s book, “How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money,” after the webinar.

Who: BSG Financial Group in conjunction with Culture Docs™
Presenter: Jeff Peden, M.Ed.
When: Thursday, June 21 at 2 pm EST
Who Should Attend: Financial Institution Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Retail Officer

About BSG Financial Group

Louisville, Ky.-based BSG Financial Group is a group of independently organized companies that provides revenue-enhancement and compliance solutions for financial institutions nationwide. BSG Financial Group has been a provider of innovative overdraft programs since 1999, including the industry's first cloud-based overdraft management solution, Courtesy Connect®/Courtesy Limit™.

The company's additional revenue-enhancing solutions include: Fee-Based Packaged Checking Accounts; Digital Lending Solutions; Vendor Management; Social Media Management; and CD Pricing and Selling Strategies. For more information, please visit

About Jeff Peden and Culture Docs

Jeff Peden, M.Ed. is an International Speaker, consultant, and author. Jeff works with leaders to build healthy workplace cultures and Great Places to Work that visibly increase communication, collaborative problem solving, and mutual support throughout the entire organization.

Involved with a variety of clients over the past six years, he has developed a proven process to define, design, and implement a healthy workplace culture built on values and clearly defined behaviors. Its success relies on a structured implementation plan that includes structure, accountability, support, team member assignments, and progress reports.

His second book—How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money—focuses on Four Core Strategies™ that increase performance, productivity, and revenues, while lowering operating costs. He is currently at work on a third book about the relationship between Culture and Leadership.

Culture Docs is a leadership training and consulting group focused on enhancing behaviors and improving the results of those who lead others in the workplace, and developing the next generation for professional success.


Michele Rehm, Marketing Manager
BSG Financial Group

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