C. Myers’ 2020 education courses

PHOENIX, AZ (December 11, 2019) — C. myers corporation, a national leader in strategy and decision information, holds options for ALM Education in 2020 for credit union professionals: ALM Education: Cultivating Agile ALCO Members, and ALM Education: For Those Who Need to Sweat the Details.

ALM Education: Cultivating Agile ALCO Members is a thought-provoking educational experience for ALCO and aspiring ALCO members. This course will incorporate experiential learning, case studies, open discussion, and address questions ALCOs are asking.

Course Dates: March 3-5, 2020 or December 1-3, 2020

ALM Education: For Those Who Need to Sweat the Details is designed to help CFOs and finance team members break down and simplify the complex web of methodologies and assumptions while providing practical ways to communicate how the numbers connect to strategy.

Course Dates: June 16-19, 2020

What attendees say about our courses:

“By far the best thing I’ve done for my career is to attend this workshop…I feel enlightened, educated, and motivated. I’m confident in feeling that I can contribute at a higher level to my credit union.”

“I am leaving with a deeper understanding of ALM and how it applies to my organization and my role.”

“It was helpful to run through different scenarios and understand the overall impacts.”

To view more details and register for these classes, please visit the c. myers events page.

About c. myers

The c. myers team brings to the table invaluable experience from working with 600+ financial institutions, including more than 200 above $1 billion in assets. Their depth and range of knowledge in linking strategy, talent, desired financial performance, and successful execution, enables them to collaborate with their clients as they help decision-makers think through opportunities and navigate external forces.  


Heidi Reyes
Director of Sales and Marketing



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