c. myers releases new addition to its Napkin Math video series

C. myers, a national leader in credit union strategy and A/LM decision information, has added to its popular Napkin Math video series, an educational set of short videos with incredibly useful calculations that are simple enough to be done on a napkin.  The latest video is titled Breakeven Point for Early Withdrawing Member CDs.

Rob Johnson, Executive Vice President/Principal of c. myers corporation said, “Securing member CDs is a great way for credit unions to address interest rate risk pressures and liquidity concerns.  As management teams contemplate their strategy, we recommend they consider using the quick calculation featured in this video to help understand the breakeven point – how much rates would have to rise, or how much higher of a rate the competition would have to offer, for the member to breakeven when withdrawing their CD.”

There are now eight videos in the ongoing Napkin Math series, each of them between two and four minutes long.  Johnson added, “When brainstorming various ideas with your team, you want to see the financial impact, fast!”  To watch this video and others in the series, visit the c. myers video page.

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