C. Myers releases new interactive A/LM dashboard exclusively for their clients

C.myers corporation is a national leader in real-time A/LM decision information and credit union strategy. Its new interactive A/LM dashboard, exclusively for c. myers corporation clients, makes it even easier for managements and boards to instantly see risk/return trade-offs as they contemplate various strategies.

This powerful enhancement is automatically included with c. myers’ Interactive Decision Model and services, which are used by hundreds of credit unions to simulate and see profitability profiles and risks to net worth under a wide range of economic conditions.

“Our advanced A/LM simulation technology has always been able to provide decision information, real time,” said Adam Johnson, chief executive officer/principal, c. myers corporation.

Johnson continued, “And now combined with advancements in visualization technology, on one screen, managements and boards can see their results using all methodologies.”

Clients appreciate the ability to drill down and within a second easily see, by category, which products have the best risk/return trade-off for net income risk and value volatility.

Sally Myers, principal, c. myers corporation, added, “More and more credit union executives and their regulators are recognizing that A/LM should be front and center of the strategic decision-making process.  Because the dashboard makes asset/liability management come to life, we are even getting requests from lending and marketing to incorporate this into their decision-making process beyond ALCO meetings.”

“It is really satisfying to hear our beta clients say how much they value this new visualization,” Rob Johnson, executive vice president/principal, c. myers corporation, commented.  “Our dedicated development team was focused on providing all perspectives of profitability and risk on the dashboard to inform the decision-making process.  We are excited to have our entire client base begin benefiting from this real-time dashboard.”

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