C. Myers to present CUES webinar on advanced lending management

C.myers corporation, a national leader in credit union strategy and decision information, will present a CUES webinar on managing lending and its inherent risks. Rob Johnson, executive vice president and principal, will present Advance Management of Your Lending Economic Engine, on August 23, 2018.

The webinar will focus on how CFOs and other C-Suite decision-makers can evolve their understanding and communication of the risks inherent in lending, such as sector risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk, so they can better manage their organization’s economic engine.

“Lending is the primary economic engine for most credit unions,” said Johnson, “and risks definitely do not live in silos.  This makes it really important for decision-makers to prioritize risk concerns so that they can be more forward-thinking and responsive in managing their lending economic engine.”

For more information about the webinar, or to register, please visit the CUES website.


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