Call center adds new clients

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (December 11, 2013) —  During the past three months, Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, has added eight credit unions and one CUSO to its growing Xtension Call Center business unit client base.  The CUSO reported that the new clients have implemented a combination of inbound and outbound offerings, including inbound member service and lending support calls, outbound member contact calls and online chat.

“Our Xtension Contact Center continues to be our fastest growing business unit,” says Xtend President Scott Collins.  “The value proposition we bring to the table is being embraced more than ever by mid-market credit unions looking to drive more lending opportunities, expand their hours of service or deploy new member service channels.  What started as an outbound contact center a half-dozen years ago has grown into a full-service member support center that serves partners in four time zones and soon to be five.”

Collins attributes Xtend’s growth to its participation in the CUSO network.  “We work very closely with our CUSO partners from a sales, core technology and best practices standpoint,” he says, “and their core data processing technology has enabled us to deliver service offerings in a scalable manner.”

The CUSO’s Xtension business unit now supports nearly fifty (50) credit union and CUSO clients nationwide.

About Xtend (
Xtend, Inc. is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO formed in 2002 with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Xtend provides a wide array of managerial, operational, marketing, technical planning and consulting services for credit unions of all sizes.  In short, Xtend is an aggregation point for shared resources that allows credit unions to deliver products and services more cost-effectively.  Their strategic offerings include bookkeeping services, member contact services, back-office mortgage services, partnered liquidity opportunities, shared branching, compliance monitoring, and insurance services.  Xtend provides services for over 170 credit unions representing and is currently owned by 72 credit union partners.


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