Callahan & Associates and Gallup announce collaborative initiative for credit unions

WASHINGTON, DC (February 18, 2020) — Callahan & Associates and Gallup announced today they are joining forces to provide credit unions with an innovative 5-year program to drive member engagement and market differentiation.

The initiative combines Gallup’s expertise in the use of analytics and change methodology to solve complex problems and Callahan’s 35 years of credit union knowledge and networks. As part of the program, Callahan and Gallup will build a community of practice around financial wellbeing, member engagement, and organizational success. Currently in pilot with eight credit unions, this exclusive program is set to launch industry wide in the coming year.

“At Gallup we were created to use analytics and advice to solve complex problems. Our work has found that nothing predicts member engagement better than supporting their financial wellbeing,” shared Anson Vuong, Managing Partner, Gallup.

Using member-sourced data and insights from their work with leading companies around the world, Gallup provides custom recommendations to drive engagement and increase member financial wellbeing. By tracking progress and building iteratively on findings, the program is designed to maximize the impact and sustainability of improvements. Callahan brings its unparalleled knowledge of credit union best practices and proven ability facilitating collaboration to tailor Gallup’s science to the unique credit union environment.

Jon Jeffreys, CEO at Callahan & Associates says, “Credit unions and collaboration are in Callahan’s DNA. By combining world-class behavioral science with cooperative values, this program will transform participating credit unions and the impact they have on their members. After just one year, the credit unions in the initial cohort are already using the insights gleaned to shape organizational culture and prioritize new investments in their member relationships.”

Over 3.2 million members are represented by these eight credit unions in the beta:

  • Affinity FCU (NJ, 180K members)
  • CommunityAmerica CU (MO, 245K members)
  • Digital FCU (MA, 872K members)
  • Golden 1 CU (CA, 1.1M members)
  • Lake Trust CU (MI, 176K members)
  • One Nevada CU (NV, 75K members)
  • Patelco CU (CA, 370K members)
  • Teachers CU (IN, 300K members)

The full program is assembling its first cohort now, for launch in January 2021. For more information about the program or how your credit union can join, please contact Victoria Taylor at 202-223-3920 x548 or

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About Gallup

Gallup is an American analytics and advisory company based in Washington, D.C. Founded by George Gallup in 1935, the company became known for its public opinion polls conducted worldwide. Starting in the 1980s, Gallup transitioned its business to focus on providing analytics and management consulting to organizations globally. In addition to its analytics, management consulting, and Gallup Poll, the company also offers educational consulting, the CliftonStrengths assessment and associated products, and business and management books published by its Gallup Press unit.


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