Cardtek USA introduces Revolutionary “Secure Environment”

The remote management product offers secure communication and provides remote access for offsite devices

CHICAGO, IL (June 18, 2014) — Cardtek USA, the American division of Cardtek Group– the global leader in software for financial transactions and EMV migration, introduced a secure environment for transaction processing and personalization, through its affiliate CredoWork. The affiliate’s remote management product, ManageANY, is designed to manage and fix remote location problems while providing remote access for offsite devices, such as ATMs and kiosks.

“With ManageANY, companies are enjoying up to 50% reduction in field services costs, which are known to be the most expensive part of the overall solution,” said Cardtek USA President, Gokhan Inonu. “This highly efficient, self-learning solution pays for itself within the first year of its installation.”

ManageANY offers banks, financial institutions and processing companies an end-to-end secure environment for data processing, transaction management and personalization. The solution gathers information from physical and logical environments of the aforementioned off-site devices, and generates highly functional alarms and reports, which in return provides access for companies to handle and resolve problems remotely. ManageANY is able to detect problems caused by air conditioning systems, flooding, changes in electrical wavelengths and ground voltage, or lighting systems.

ManageANY benefits include constant device-network connection, decreased field service costs, fast problem resolution, as well as, increased productivity and efficiency.

Cardtek Group, who also recently announced the opening of its new office in Milan, Italy, operates in Turkey, USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Poland, United Arab Emirates and Italy.

About Cardtek USA

Cardtek USA was founded in 2010 in the United States to serve the group’s global expansion strategies. Cardtek USA provides easily adaptable, effective mobile and digital payment systems and integrated solutions to lead North America’s migration to EMV chip technology. 

Cardtek USA’s parent company, SmartSoft, was founded in 2001. After continuous success, SmartSoft was accredited by MasterCard in 2010, making the company one of the first accredited consultancies and training providers for EMV card technologies. In order to offer higher quality products, Cardtek Group founded CordisNetwork and CredoWork in 2009, offering solutions for payment systems, loyalty cards and city banking solutions, processing services, projects for public sector as well as hardware solutions. For more information about Cardtek USA and Cardtek Group,, or learn more on Facebook at and 


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