Carolinas Credit Union League reveals new logo, finalizes website rollout

COLUMBIA, SC & RALEIGH, NC (December 20, 2013) —  As the year draws to a close, South Carolina Credit Union League and North Carolina Credit Union League staff are putting finishing touches on the new trade association for their states: the Carolinas Credit Union League (CCUL).

To preface arrival of the CCUL website in conjunction with the new year, staff unveiled the logo for the new organization earlier this week following a series of communications with subtle references to cohesion, expertise, and strength.

“Because the logo represents characteristics we value and uphold, we focused on those first,” explained Brandon Pugh of the league’s communications team. “By affirming them among staff and introducing them via social media and direct communication, we established a connection to the brand that will grow deeper as the year and member experiences progress.” (See rollout video)

The logo reveal comes as the new league prepares its new website ( for launch by January 1, 2014. In the meantime, credit union staff and industry peers are invited to follow news and updates via Twitter (@TheCCUL) and Facebook (

The website—built on the South Carolina Credit Union League’s current site platform—highlights the four league services credit unions value most, according to surveys conducted in the brand development process. Enhancing the association-standard advocacy, compliance, and professional development will be a robust community section, in which credit union staff can engage peers and exchange support among groups by chapter, expertise, or credit union asset size.

“We heard clearly that credit unions want their league to be a unifying influence and a champion of cooperation, and the Community section will empower them to connect and collaborate,” Pugh added. “We’re excited about this section and its potential as more members create profiles, and for other site features everyone will soon appreciate.”

If you have any questions about the creation of the Carolinas Credit Union League, please contact John Radebaugh,Eric Gelly or Dan Schline.


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