Carolinas League launches TalentGuided professional coaching services

COLUMBIA, SC (January 9, 2020) — The Carolinas Credit Union League is excited to announce today that its new coaching program, TalentGuided, is now live!

TalentGuided is an accessible, affordable coaching program that connects employees at any career stage with a professional coach to help them:

  • Refine their goals and purpose;
  • Boost their effectiveness as a leader; and
  • Maximize their personal and professional capacity.

TalentGuided participants lead their own experiences, selecting their preferred coach and session package, and setting the benchmarks for program success.

TalentGuided was first announced by CCUL SVP of Professional Development Lauren DeAngelis at the Management Association of Carolinas Credit Unions’ (MACCU) 2019 Fall Conference. Event participants met some of the program coaches, who shared the benefits of going through an external one-on-one coaching program.

“More organizations are using coaches as a key strategy to help develop leadership capabilities and increase the performance and productivity of their employees,” DeAngelis shared. “Data from the Center for Management and Organizational Effectiveness has shown training plus coaching led to an increase of 88 percent in productivity versus 23 percent from training alone. There are great benefits to credit unions and their staff that incorporate coaching as part of employee development.”

Ahead of TalentGuided’s availability to all credit unions in the Carolinas, the League has been piloting the program since October 2019 with two credit unions: Piedmont Advantage Credit Union and SC Telco Federal Credit Union.

“We’re so glad to have the early support from Piedmont Advantage and SC Telco,” said DeAngelis. “This was our opportunity to get their feedback, walk through the process, and make sure the program is the best it can be ahead of launch.”

Early responses from pilot participants have been overwhelmingly positive, noting coach compatibility, an experience that is exceeding expectations, and how coaching is helping them sharpen their goals and focus.

“My coach is honestly amazing,” said Tracey Biggers, director of lending operations for SC Telco FCU. “He truly gets me and understands exactly what I am trying to gain from the coaching.”

“TalentGuided Professional Coaching Services has been an awesome experience thus far for me and my credit union,” said Paul McManus, VP of organizational development for Piedmont Advantage CU. “Through this program I’ve become more focused and more effective. The coaching opportunity has really been eye-opening and a wonderful boost to maximizing my personal and professional development.”

“I have only had two ‘real’ sessions with my coach so far,” SC Telco FCU Sales and Service Manager Leigh Wright said. “I love talking with her and have already gotten some very useful information … regarding identifying my strengths and using them to my advantage as a leader. I will be honest, I went into this dreading it and thinking it was just one more thing to do, and now I find myself looking forward to our sessions.”

For more information or to get started visit, which details coaching services, program coaches, pricing, and other frequently asked questions.

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