Castle & Minster Credit Union Moving Towards Card Based Banking for Members

As part of its measures to save the cost to members of running the Credit Union, Castle & Minster Credit Union, over the next 3 weeks, will gradually reduce the front desk service at our Dewsbury and Huddersfield branches. During this period we will be displaying our opening times at the front desk and on our web site

With effect from 18th February we will be open at the below times.

Dewsbury Opening hours from 18th February                       Huddersfield

Monday   11 – 2 pm                                                                      Monday 11 – 2pm

Tuesday -Closed                                                                           Tuesday Closed                                                                      

Wednesday   11.30 – 2pm                                                         Wednesday   11.30 – 2pm

Thursday – Closed                                                                       Thursday – Closed

Friday   11.30 – 2pm                                                                    Friday   11.30 – 2pm

 The new opening hours incorporate lunch-times when people saving through our work place saving scheme and other regular savers can pop in at their convenience to withdraw money. Alternatively savings can be withdrawn by transfer to another account on request.

Reducing open hours is part of our aim to reduce our operating costs and will enable Castle and Minster to focus on offering our Members an improved savings and loans service.

We will no longer be offering a banking facility service over the counter for withdrawal of benefits as we can no longer afford the costs to the credit union to provide this service. As a result we will be moving away from a banking (cash handling) facility. These changes are about securing a future for the organisation, about keeping our eyes on what is coming in the near and longer term future and ensuring the Credit Union is viable when the benefits systems change.

Pre-Paid Card

To enable us to do this we are pleased to be able to offer our members an exciting new product which will result in a more convenient, cost effective and safe way for our members to access and manage their money.

Our Prepaid card will enable our members to have their benefits, wages and loans paid directly into their e-account and access them immediately 24/7, 365 days a year.  The versatile Visa debit card is accepted wherever the Visa card symbol is displayed including abroad.

The credit union is offering these cards to members with no card issue fee for a limited time, (Following that, a £10 charge will be necessary). Members using the card will receive instant transaction notification by text message, email or over the phone providing up-to -the-minute statements, transfers and standing order facilities. Members can also build up cash rebates when they shop and special discounts (up to 60% off) with a number of partner retailers. For example shopping at Asda qualifies for a 4% cash back – spend £200 at Asda in one month and get £8 back!

Tony Hood, Chair of Board of Directors has said “By reducing operating costs, the credit union will be able to develop new products and improve customer services for the benefit of our members and the community of Kirklees. It is important that we introduce change to ensure we remain sustainable and provide the most efficient service possible to all of our members.

Like much of the banking sector we recognise that our members value mobile and e-banking services. The new card based service will reduce members’ costs and the inconvenience of travelling into a branch to withdraw their money on a day to day basis.

The new hassle- free pre-paid card will enable our members, to manage their finances and budget effectively. It will sit well with the introduction of universal credit, the new benefits payment system.  In particular, members who cannot access a bank account or who have poor credit history will be able to use the new card to shop on line, by phone, withdraw cash at ATMs or get cash back at most local shops and supermarkets and pay bills. As members can only spend what is loaded on to the card, there is no risk of going overdrawn, running up charges and debt. The majority of services associated with the card are free with a small fee for using the card abroad and withdrawing at ATM’s for example.

I would like to encourage all of our members to call in to their local branch or contact us for further information about the pre-paid card.”

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