Center Parc Credit Union announces winner of $23k auto loan payoff

SAVANNAH, GA (June 8, 2022) — Members at Center Parc Credit Union had the opportunity to enter a national sweepstakes where the prize was paying off their auto loan. A winner was chosen from the larger organization of which Center Parc is a part. Member Nelsy Bacon, was the winner. She was awarded more than $23,000 to pay off the Jeep she uses on her rural mail route.

“This made my day, my year and beyond,” said Bacon. “I won’t have a car payment. You don’t know what this means to me!”

Bacon was the lucky winner of the credit union’s Auto Loan Payoff Sweepstakes, which ran from Jan. 1until March 31. Any member who financed an auto loan during that time period with APCU – or Center Parc Credit Union, a division of APCU – was automatically entered to have their loan balance paid in full up to $35,000. Members who also purchased GAP Insurance or Route 66 Extended Warranty Protection through the Credit Union received additional entries into the sweepstakes.

As a rural letter carrier in Mount Vernon, Washington, Bacon was required to buy her own specialized right-hand-drive vehicle to complete her mail route. She financed her specially outfitted 2011 Jeep Wrangler through APCU / Center Parc during the sweepstakes – and the Credit Union randomly selected her name as the winner from more than 3,300 entries. As a result, the credit union paid off all $23,084.57 of Bacon’s auto loan.

“My husband and I are thrilled to begin saving for the next big thing now that we won’t be making monthly auto payments anymore,” Bacon said.

According to data from Lending Tree, auto loan debt is the third-largest debt category behind mortgages and student loans. In fact, Americans owe $1.46 trillion in auto loan debt. For that reason, Center Parc Credit Union is proud to run promotions such as these for our members – and plans to run more in the future. See for details.

“At Center Parc, we’re excited to be able to help our members thrive financially in any way we can,” said Blake Graham, executive vice president and chief lending officer at APCU/Center Parc. “Given our history of serving Postal workers, we are proud that we were able to pay off the vehicle Nelsy uses for her mail route each day. We have the utmost respect for the work Nelsy does as a rural letter carrier – and we’d like to thank her for being a member.”


About Center Parc Credit Union

Center Parc Credit Union is a division of APCU, the oldest chartered credit union in the state of Georgia. In September 2020, two new Center Parc Credit Union locations opened in the Savannah area: at the Pooler Walmart, 160 Pooler Parkway, and the Savannah Walmart, 6000 Ogeechee Road. The new financial flagship office is now open in Berkwick Market Place. The member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative is dedicated to helping hardworking people save money and prosper. Each member’s funds are insured for up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). For more information, call 800.849.8434, email or visit online at


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