CENTRI’s BitSmart Solution now optimized for DDoS attacks and provides end-to-end encryption

Industry-First Solution Mitigates the SSL Flaw that Hackers Exploit while Protecting Data in Transit and at Rest, All Without Undermining the Customer Experience 

SEATTLE, WA (April 20, 2015) — CENTRI , a leading provider of data security, mobile data optimization and bandwidth management solutions, today announced BitSmart™, a solution optimized for financial services that enables institutions to mitigate threats and protect their customers, brand and bottom line.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and theft of customer data are two of the biggest and fastest-growing security threats for banks and other financial institutions, which attribute to more than $1 billion in losses worldwide, according to Kaspersky Lab. CENTRI’s BitSmart encrypts data at rest and in transit, enabling financial institutions to protect information anywhere and everywhere, over public Wi-Fi and in the cloud. As a result, financial institutions can avoid the $201.18 that each lost or stolen customer record costs, according to Ponemon Institute.

The BitSmart technology is a software-only solution that’s designed for fast, easy, organization-wide deployment that enables a broad defense. For example, the lightweight code means it can be deployed across all employee and customer devices.

DDoS attacks prevent customers from using their financial institution’s website and mobile app for hours or days, and some hackers now use them as a distraction to steal electronic funds.  According to an Incapsula survey, these attacks cost organizations $40,000 per hour. However, traditional security solutions use brute-force methods that are expensive and largely ineffective against DDoS.

BitSmart mitigates the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) flaw that DDoS attacks typically exploit, and it does so in an industry-first way that is nearly impossible for hackers to overwhelm or undermine. BitSmart also optimizes app traffic, giving financial institutions more bandwidth headroom. During normal times, the optimization enables a faster website and app experience for their customers.

“Data security is of the upmost importance for financial services companies, as their businesses are dependent on keeping their customers’ private information secure,” said Vaughan Emery, CEO and president of CENTRI. “BitSmart provides financial services enterprises with the end-to-end data security and encryption both in transit and at rest, without negatively affecting the end-user experience. The solution also helps firms to stay in compliance with all industry regulations and standards, and provides peace of mind that the data is protected no matter where it resides.

BitSmart also reduces complexity for financial institutions’ network and data security teams. For example, it mitigates the challenge of managing and synchronizing SSL configurations across multiple servers, and it provides a secure, reliable and endlessly scalable alternative to managing countless encryption keys, eliminating the expense and hassle of recreating data that is lost when keys are compromised.

BitSmart is available as a software only solution with many different deployment options. The solution can be deployed in either public or private cloud configurations that support various make and models of endpoint client devices.  It can also be deployed on dedicated servers or a server in a virtual machine connected through a network. In a data center-to-data center cloud configuration, BitSmart supports stand-alone servers or can even be embedded within network appliances at each end of the connection.

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