CetoLogic integrates C365 Forecasting model into C3 Financial to improve financial institutions’ branch cash management

ATLANTA, GA (June 26, 2014) — CetoLogic, a provider of software and analytics for financial institutions and retailers, announced today a new forecasting model, C365 Forecasting, within its leading predictive analytics and cash management software, C3 Financial.

Through detailed analysis of cash patterns over a 12-month period, C365 Forecasting enables C3 Financial users with the ability to better predict future cash demand within individual branches – providing specific detailed cash recommendations at the denominational level.

“We have applied industry standard inventory management techniques in C3 Financial to improve financial institutions’ cash analyses and calculations,” said Paula McKeone, vice president of Operations for CetoLogic. “Cash recommendations include a moving safety stock, which takes into consideration the volatility of specific denominations; enabling banks and credit unions to gain a more precise understanding of branch maximum and minimum limits. C365 Forecasting is able to identify outliers and trends within the data to pinpoint specific patterns throughout 365 days, days of the week and on a weekly basis to deliver accurate cash behavior predictions, unlike any of its competitors.”

C365 Forecasting’s statistical calculations and branch cash expertise offers clients:

·         Deductive forecasting – using historical data to learn daily activity and forecast for day of the week and regular occurring patterns;

·         Flexibility – detecting trends quickly and automatically to learn and improve output as more trends become available; and

·         Logic – using the most competitive mathematical sequences available.

CetoLogic’s improvement to the C3 Financial forecast model aligns with the firm’s mission to provide clients with the most accurate branch requisition recommendations and assist branches in maintaining appropriate cash inventory levels, which are driven by customer demand, denominational mixes, cost of funds and delivery expenses. By using historical data, C3 Financial’s forecasting engine anticipates the branch’s cash needs by predicting future customer activity – enabling financial institutions to better manage their cash inventory, which typically represents an institution’s largest non-earning asset.

About CetoLogic

Atlanta, Ga.-based CetoLogic provides software solutions and analytics to financial institutions and retail organizations. CetoLogic proudly services the needs of more than 1,500 clients in 50 states and Canada by providing “Smart Solutions that Make Dollars and Sense.” CetoLogic is the designer of C3 Financial, a web-based cash forecasting and management software. CetoLogic also pioneered Deposit Reclassification, a retail sweep program designed to eliminate reserve balances. CetoLogic’s solutions improve earnings, efficiencies, risk management and operations. For more information about CetoLogic’s solutions, call 1.877.495.0687 or visit their website at

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