CFM launches major upgrade of iQ Cash Recycler Analytics for banks and credit unions

Enhanced dashboards, charts, and insights help financial institutions eliminate the guessing game and make powerful data-driven decisions on purchasing, deploying ,and optimizing cash recyclers and cash forecasting practices.

CHANDLER, AZ (May 5, 2020) — CFM, the leader in core-integrated banking technology, today announces major upgrades to its iQ business intelligence platform. The real-time analytics suite helps banks and credit unions make data-driven decisions on purchasing, deploying and optimizing cash dispensers and recyclers. This new release was made available to all current CFM iQ customers on May 1, 2020 and includes a refreshed interface, customizable dashboards, more detailed charts, and simplified reporting.

“Making blind investments on cash recyclers is costly. Banking executives often buy machines they don’t need, over order cash to supply them, and have no clear data on how to optimize such an expensive asset.  iQ helps solve all of that and our latest release makes it even easier for banking executives to make smarter decisions,” stated Nathan Moore, CTO of CFM. “By launching these new upgrades free of charge, our customers gain access to smarter tools to optimize their dispenser and recycler strategy along with branch cash management.”

The new interface improves the user experience and makes navigating iQ easier. Users can easily find the data they need and access reports and charts immediately.

Even better, iQ’s well-loved dashboards are now fully customizable based on individual user needs. Each user can develop a dashboard that offers a high-level view of the metrics that matter to them. Charts are all clickable now, allowing the user to drill-down into any chart to see additional details. A newly introduced widget system allows the user to prioritize certain data points or locations so they can reach decisions faster and have for clarity into day to day operations.

Upgraded charts include:

  • Are the machines healthy, deployed properly, and being used?
  • How are tellers using the machines?
  • How much cash is in each machine?
  • How much cash do I need in each machine?
  • How much cash was moved by the machines?
  • Do I have too much cash in my machine?

The upgraded version is available immediately. For more information visit :

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