Challenge accepted; Advia Credit Union donates $4,100 to ALS Association

PORT HURON, MI (September 24, 2014) — It may not have been the hottest summer, but there certainly were a lot of people dowsing themselves with buckets of ice water. The reason was to raise money and awareness for ALS, and Advia Credit Union put their own spin on the popular ice bucket challenge to donate a total of $4,100 to the ALS Association.

The ice bucket challenge goes as follows: If someone is challenged, which is typically done via Facebook, they have 24 hours to either donate $100 to the ALS Association, or post a video of themselves getting a bucket of ice water poured over their head and only donating $10. After accepting the challenge, the individual usually challenges three other people. On August 25th, Advia Credit Union presented a challenge of their own on Facebook. It included a video of Advia’s leadership team and Board of Directors having buckets of ice water poured over their heads, but ended with a slight twist. They challenged all their Facebook fans to do an ice bucket challenge of their own and promised to donate $50 for every video they received.

Not only did the Facebook post rack up 292 likes and 138 shares, but the people responded to the challenge. Advia received a total of 82 submissions, which resulted in the $4,100 donation to the ALS Association. “Advia is all about advancing lives in the community, so we definitely wanted to join the cause and help raise awareness for ALS,” said Jenny Armistead, Manager of Marketing at Advia Credit Union. To learn more about Advia Credit Union and the advantages of being a member, visit Anyone can also follow everything Advia is doing by liking them on Facebook today.


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