Chatter Yak! Boosts bottom line through social media

OSHKOSH, WI (February 19, 2015)  Working with the northeast Wisconsin-based social media and marketing agency, Chatter Yak!, Community Credit Union of La Crosse, Wisconsin saw a 68 percent increase in Facebook activity and gained over 200 new loan leads during the month of January. Chatter Yak! took over Community’s social media channels on December 22, 2014, and just 45 days later, the credit union was gaining Facebook fans at a significantly higher rate than in previous years. More than simply boosting likes, however, the 200 plus loan leads translated into over $360,000 in consumer loans put on the books in January.

“Working with Chatter Yak! has shown us just how effective a tool social media can be for credit unions,” said Chris Butler, President and CEO of Community. “As with all new marketing channels, the question always comes down to return on investment, and we now see that a strong Facebook presence can have a real effect on bottom line.”

According to Bryce Roth, Co-founder and President of Chatter Yak!, big picture is as important as bottom line: “The next generation of loan seekers keeps Facebook and Twitter in its back pocket,” he said. ”By tapping into social media channels, Chatter Yak! helps ensure that local banking remains a viable option for years to come.”

About Chatter Yak! LLC
Chatter Yak! exists to assist financial institutions in marketing and advertising across traditional and emerging communication channels. With an emphasis on consumer engagement both inside and outside of the branch, its products and services focus on the entire banking experience. Realizing that the financial industry is extremely competitive, Chatter Yak! works to create long-lasting impressions in order to establish consumer loyalty and retention. For more information, visit:

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