Clark County Credit Union gives back more than $3 million on dividend day

Nearly $60 million distributed back to CCCU members since 2001

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 24, 2018) — On their annual Dividend Day, Clark County Credit Union gave back over $3.3 million in earnings to its member-owners as an annual dividend, putting money back into their accounts to use as they wish.

CCCU members were informed of their dividend amount via email or in real time inside one of the six branch locations during a Dividend Day celebration that included donuts, balloons, a photo booth with a $3 million bill and free movie tickets to members who shared their photos using #CCCCUDividendDay.

This year’s dividend payment is $3,355, 881.43, which brings the total to $59.7 million pumped back into the Southern Nevada economy since 2001. All 44,000 CCCU members received at least $20 deposited into their accounts this month, though the average dividend payment this year is $74.76. Hundreds of members received $500 or more.

After first learning of their dividend amount, members were asked how they will use their dividend with, “Are you a saver, a payer or a spender?” Many members keep their dividend as extra savings, pay down a bill or use it as fun money.

CCCU member Crystal Cooper, an investigator for the Clark County District Attorney’s office, says the annual dividend is the main thing she talks about when telling others about CCCU. She likes to use her dividend for fun money, using the extra cash for shopping and traveling.

“Our members loyalty and commitment to CCCU help make this dividend happen year after year,” said Matt Kershaw, Chief Executive Officer of CCCU. “As member-owners, their deposits and loans are investments that pay dividends, literally.”

The dividend payment is calculated based on average annual daily balances for both deposit amounts and for loans of any type including auto loans, new home construction loans or commercial loans.

About Clark County Credit Union

Founded in 1951, CCCU is a not-for-profit financial institution serving over 52,000 members who are municipal employees (Clark County, City of Henderson, City of Las Vegas, and City of North Las Vegas), medical professionals, members of Nevada Public Radio (KNPR) and numerous select employer groups. CCCU has assets of $1.1 billion and six branches throughout Southern Nevada. More information about CCCU can be found online at


Shannon Hiller

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