Clark County CU distributes $1.5 million bonus dividend to members

Members have received more than $68 million in bonus dividends since 2001

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 25, 2021) — After providing 6,503 skip payments ($4.35 million in deferred loan payments) and nearly $160,000 in fees waived during the pandemic crisis, Clark County Credit Union (CCCU) has yet another bonus to offer its 47,000 members: celebrating Bonus Dividend Day with a $1.5 million dividend payout in addition to the usual interest earned on accounts all year.

This year’s payment brings CCCU’s Bonus Dividend grand total to $68,319,240 put back into the Southern Nevada economy over the last 21 years.

“There’s no doubt our members could use this year’s Bonus Dividend more than ever,” said Matt Kershaw, CEO and President of Clark County Credit Union. “We are fortunate as a Credit Union to be able to continue our commitment to the Bonus Dividend our members look forward to getting back every year.”

All members in good standing received at least $20 deposited into their accounts this month. The average amount paid is $32.88, though many members receive hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The maximum dividend paid was $4,827.84.

Many members keep their Bonus Dividend as extra savings, pay down a bill or use it as fun money.

Alfred Hurtado, a CCCU member since 1959, has enjoyed using the Bonus Dividend to help pay for multiple vacations. “We’ve gone to Spain, went on an Alaskan cruise, and another year we went on a river cruise in Amsterdam,” said Hurtado.

Many long-time members look forward to the Bonus Dividends every January. “I loved sharing in the Credit Union’s Bonus Dividends through the years,” said David Ruffino, a CCCU member since 1978. “It’s additional money we get that the regular banks don’t offer, especially with the low dividends they are giving these days. I am looking forward to our upcoming Bonus Dividends!”

The dividend payment is calculated based on average annual daily balances and how long the account is open, for both deposits and loans of any type including auto loans, new home construction loans or commercial loans.

For more information on Clark County Credit Union’s Bonus Dividend, please visit or visit the credit union’s social media pages at Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

About Clark County Credit Union

Founded in 1951, CCCU is a not-for-profit financial institution serving over 52,000 members who are municipal  employees (Clark County, City of Henderson, City of Las Vegas, and City of North Las Vegas), medical professionals,  members of Nevada Public Radio (KNPR) and numerous select employer groups. CCCU has assets of $1.1 billion  and six branches throughout Southern Nevada and has given back more than $75 million in Bonus Dividends since  2001. More information about CCCU can be found online at


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