Clements Worldwide Launches Online Insurance Marketplace for United Nations Federal Credit Union Members

Fills Critical Gap for International Community Worldwide

WASHINGTON, DC (May 20, 2013) Clements Worldwide, a leading provider of international insurance solutions,  announces the launch of a revolutionary Web-based marketplace, able to instantly deliver  insurance protection to all of United Nations Federal Credit Union’s (UNFCU) 100,000 members around the world.  Building upon a productive relationship between Clements and UNFCU, the new online marketplace provides members with direct access to a comprehensive suite of programs, including guaranteed-issuance life with no medical test, portable health care coverage, personal property and auto insurance, among other benefits.

Developed in direct response to the unique needs of the UNFCU membership, Clements’ Web-based marketplace serves as a timely solution to the insurance procurement challenges inherent to the international service experience. Today, many credit union members based outside of their home countries face unfavorable insurance options, as well as myriad issues ranging from high costs to insufficient coverage to poor service.  Clements estimates that as many as to 1.2 million international organization professionals working overseas may be either under-insured, or totally lacking much-needed, often mission-critical insurance coverage.

Addressing that critical gap and capitalizing on the strong member satisfaction record of UNFCU, Clements’ international portal now makes it easy, convenient, and affordable for their members to obtain personal and commercial coverage with preferential terms — anytime, anywhere – with just the click of a mouse.

“The humanitarian work of UNFCU’s membership exposes them to unique risks, especially those on field mission. By specifically tailoring our online marketplace for a highly mobile, global United Nations community, we developed an opportune solution that provides both vital insurance coverage and peace of mind,” said Dante Disparte, managing director of Partner Solutions at Clements Worldwide.

Stephen Ryerson, president, UNFCU Financial Advisors, adds: “The ability to offer members immediate access to economical, international and all inclusive insurance protection is in keeping with our focus on delivering outstanding service.”  A logical extension in Clements’ service of UNFCU members, the Web-based marketplace provides a turnkey solution similar to its credit and debit card-based life insurance products, which were introduced in 2011 and 2012, respectively, and now insure thousands of UNFCU members in more than 145 countries.

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