COCC hosts Tech Strategy Symposium

SOUTHINGTON, CT (February 16, 2021)

COCC hosted its second annual CEO Technology Symposium, welcoming clients for a program designed to shine a light on industry trends and their impact on future strategy. Designed especially for the senior leadership of community banks and credit unions, COCC’s Symposium series gives bankers the opportunity to hear from industry experts about the insights innovations impacting an ever-changing financial technology landscape. Banking executives also get the chance to see how COCC is providing the emerging solutions necessary to help meet their strategic plans.

The most recent installment in the series focused on the inflection point we have reached in the banking industry, elevating the digital channel in light of the Pandemic. Over the past year, COVID-19 has awakened many consumers to the availability and convenience of virtual and remote interactions in their financial lives. As financial needs grow and change in the digital space, it is critical for community bankers to maintain a conscious eye on the customer experience, providing easy to use technology in a safe and secure manner.

With its signature client focus and consultative approach to financial technology, COCC hosts this series to inform and serve its clients. As a client-owned financial technology provider, the company prides itself on delivering next generation banking technology to community banks and credit unions to position them for success in a competitive financial services landscape.

Headlining the program was Don MacDonald, Chief Marketing Officer at MX with his discussion of the new “Data Age” of banking. His presentation focused on a new era in banking in which community banks and credit unions can leverage their data to educate and serve their customers. The program, which also featured COCC product experts and its roadmap of digital innovations, gave clients an in-depth view of the technology landscape and how they can focus their strategies for technology investment.

“As a technology partner, we are happy to bring guidance to our clients on how to navigate through these rapidly changing times,” said Jill Flaherty, Assistant Vice President of Strategic Products at COCC and the host of the Digital Symposium.

That guidance is crucial to community banks and credit unions as they move forward with their digital initiatives. COCC is dedicated to providing this valuable information to its clients in innovative ways as they continue their strategic planning in a time of change and will continue to host this technology strategy series as well as other educational programming tailored to the unique needs of its client banks and credit unions.

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