COCC partners with PayTech Women

COCC seeks positive channels that advocate for the advancement of female employees, women and diversity, equity & inclusion across the fintech industry.

SOUTHINGTON, CT (March 7, 2023) — COCC is excited to announce that we have partnered with PayTech Women (PTW) an organization that celebrates and champions women in the payments and fintech industries. This partnership aligns with COCC’s passion to seek channels that advocate for the advancement of female employees, male advocates, women, and diversity, equity & inclusion.

“Partnering with PayTech Women provides COCC another resource to support our ongoing commitment to offer opportunities for the equality and advancement of women in our industry,” said Susan Salecky, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at COCC. “This collaboration exemplifies our dedication as being a true partner in the field of fintech services for female and male employees.”

COCC and PTW share the commitment to create a stronger and more diverse industry by empowering and investing in women. “This partnership highlights the core values of COCC in continuing to be a trusted and preferred partner throughout the fintech industry but also a way to grow our internal Women in Tech (WIT) program,” said Lisa Jacobi, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer. The WIT employee resource group creates opportunities for women to broaden their networks, cultivate their skills, and encourage education and advancement in the field of technology. By creating an open forum to share common interests and concerns, we will support one another in increasing visibility and creating long-term benefits for women via recognition, learning and growth opportunities.

“We are excited to have COCC join us as a Corporate Partner,” said PayTech Women CEO Wendy Holliday, M.ED., CAE. “This partnership demonstrates COCC’s commitment to their female and male employees in decreasing the gender imbalance in leadership positions and supports our ongoing pursuit of creating inspiring and educational programming for our members, helping all women rise in the payments ecosystem.”

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About PayTech Women
PayTech Women is the premier professional organization for women in paytech, providing personal enrichment no matter what stage members are in their careers. Through its focus on DEI, the 5,400+ member-strong association is improving the working environment and opportunities for all women in financial services by propelling meaningful change. The organization provides world-class national and regional programming, fosters networking, and promotes mentoring to help members achieve greater personal success, influence, and professional parity. Incorporated in late 2005 and launched in 2006 to empower and invest in women, PayTech Women is the only 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving thousands of women – and the men who advocate for us – across the global paytech industry. For more information or to become a member, visit


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