Codigo releases Version 4, converging digital signage with multiple messaging systems to one online platform

Louisville, KY based Codigo unveils new online software and hardware platform, converging digital signage and other messaging tools into one simple login. The new system also supports Android and Windows based player hardware.

LOUISVILLE, KY (February 10, 2015) — Codigo, a software company that provides proprietary Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk, Music, and Messaging products, today announced the release of its latest online platform, designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for these systems by converging multiple messaging tools into one simple interface. The new software is the culmination of a multi-year development effort that includes a revolutionary browser-based HTML5 editor, increased scheduling flexibility, a higher level of performance for complex installations and player support for Android and Windows operating systems.

“Two years ago, we saw a need for the consolidation of multiple retail media solutions into a single user interface, as well as the requirement to support various hardware platforms and operating systems including Android and Windows,” says Codigo’s CEO Brian Nutt.

Codigo’s release relieves a major pain point by eliminating the traditional high costs of both hardware and time required to manage varied hardware and software platforms. “There are many systems that individually accomplish the delivery of Digital Signage, Overhead Music, On-Hold Messaging, and Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks,” said Nutt. “What separates us is the consolidation of these technologies. No longer is a user required to log in to separate systems to run a Windows appliance rather than an Android— the same goes for the messaging products themselves. We want people to just log in and go,” added Nutt.

The Louisville-based tech company has also added two new micro-sized hardware appliances powered by both operating systems. “The Codigo Droid and Windows appliances can fit in the palm of your hand, but still pack a significant amount of computing power,” said Nutt. “Reducing the hardware footprint has cut down on the cost of installing our products— lessening the sticker shock once caused from systems like digital signage, and making it more cost-effective to install.”

Codigo’s new digital signage product includes a fully-integrated, web-based content editor. The editor allows users robust graphic design control often desired by digital signage users—but not commonly available. The tool allows a user to completely customize files from Codigo’s massive Content Vault, providing creative control over everything from simple text edits to in-depth layout changes for backgrounds, images, and positioning. “Content creation can be very expensive and time consuming,” says VP of Media, Brandon Bass. “Our HTML5 editor is so simple, most people don’t even need help to get started—much less training or tutorials,” added Bass.

Other highlighted features of Codigo’s software includes power control for monitors, customizable 24/7 notifications for complete network management, and user-defined, data-driven content to display social media, rate boards, menu boards and meeting schedules. “We want our users to be in complete control of their entire system– software, hardware, and content,” said Nutt. “We think our newest release accomplishes that, and we’re excited about the many more innovations we have planned for 2015 and beyond.”

About Codigo
Codigo provides easy to use retail media solutions that include Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk, Music, and Messaging products, designed to have a positive effect on consumer behavior. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Codigo serves many industries including financial, healthcare, hospitality, education, and others across all 50 states and internationally. Codigo is a privately held company, founded in 2004

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