CommunityAmerica Financial Solutions is now Copper Financial

Copper financial will continue to offer a member-first mindset backed by best-in-class technology

LENEXA, KS (August 2, 2021) — CommunityAmerica Financial Solutions, LLC (“CAFS”), a FINRA registered broker/dealer, SEC registered investment advisor, and insurance agency owned by CommunityAmerica Credit Union, announced that it has rebranded to Copper Financial (“CuFi”). Copper Financial will continue to provide credit unions and advisors investment technology and services to help them advance their members financial peace of mind.

The company’s rebrand to CuFi is a tip of the cap to credit unions. If you remember your days of science class, the element for copper on a periodic table is Cu. Copper is also one of the most malleable and ductile metals, meaning it can be bent, stretched and shaped into many different forms. This is the same approach Copper Financial takes in the relationships with partners. We will bend, stretch and shape our relationship to meet your Credit Union needs.

Copper Financial approaches investment planning through the eyes of the member. From aggregated online account views to world-class money management and state-of-the-art financial planning technology, they continue to digitize the advisor and member experience. This allows them to focus on a customizable investment program offering, including digital investing, direct guidance and flexible programs, which helps credit unions advance their members’ needs.

“We are excited to take the next step in our brand evolution as Copper Financial,” said Mike Haggerty, President of Copper Financial.  “We know every credit union is different which is why our investment program is built to accommodate multiple ways to offer investments and advice. As Copper Financial, we continue to offer our award-winning platform to ensure we’re providing the level of service your members are accustomed to receiving from us.”

About CommunityAmerica Financial Solutions (CAFS)

CommunityAmerica Financial Solutions (“CAFS”) is an SEC registered investment advisor, FINRA registered Broker-Dealer and state registered insurance agency offering a breadth of investment and financial planning services to credit union members across the country.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CommunityAmerica Credit Union, we understand the importance of meeting your members unique needs wherever they are in their financial journey. Our fully digital experience and best-in-class technology platform allows members access to their accounts from anywhere at any time, and ensures the advisor and member have more time to focus on what matters – the path to a financial peace of mind.  Additionally, we are the only credit union-owned Broker-Dealer that offers special needs planning for families, further assisting credit unions in their mission of serving all their members’ needs. To learn more about CAFS, visit


Amanda Turk

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