Compass Plus Helps PrivatBank Achieve Record-Breaking Performance

MOSCOW (March 7, 2013) – Compass Plus, an international provider of electronic payments and retail banking software to processors and financial institutions, announced that one of its customers, PrivatBank, whose processing centre is built on TranzWare, has achieved outstanding transaction processing results, recording almost 12 million transactions in one day. On Dec. 24, 2012, the bank’s processing centre marked its peak transaction load at 456 transactions per second, 18,899 transactions per minute and more than one million transactions per hour. These results were achieved on a mid-range hardware* where TranzWare Online is configured to authorize the transactions generated from more than 31 million of the bank’s own active cards (including EMV), whilst also running an entire acquiring network consisting of 100,000 POS terminals and 8,600 ATMs.

“Our retail business development strategy is to double transaction load on the processing system year-on-year and we are confident that together with Compass Plus we will achieve this goal,” says Alexander Androsov, head of PrivatBank’s processing centre. “The virtualization of application servers and authorization system databases on a single server has allowed us to significantly enhance the reliability and agility of the network interconnection between the systems. It has also enabled us to redistribute the server resources, if required, between several virtual application servers and front system databases when needed.”

“Anyone can quote impressive tps (transaction per second) figures, but financial institutions need to keep in mind that there are hidden costs associated with performance” says Andrey Chirkov, vice-president, Compass Plus. “The cost per transaction is the best financial measure to compare overall operating costs as a clear indicator of overall performance in relation to financial input. As PrivatBank’s customer base continues to grow exponentially, they continue to produce record-breaking performance figures using modest hardware, which is a clear testament to the scalable processing capabilities of the TranzWare suite,”

* PrivatBank is the first to deploy all databases and TranzWare Online (application) servers on a single IBM Power 770 server with 64 cores, in which TranzWare Online was allocated 58 cores.

About PrivatBank
PrivatBank is the largest bank in Ukraine. Its national banking service network includes more than 3,000 branches across Ukraine. PrivatBank is the leading issuer and acquirer of payment cards in Ukraine and the Principal Member of VISA and MasterCard payment systems. As of January 2013 the bank has issued more than 31 million cards and installed more than 8,600 ATMs and 100,000 POS terminals in its servicing network. The TranzWare processing system is used for the processing of the PrivatBank Group banks as well. 

About Compass Plus
Compass Plus provides comprehensive, fully integrated and flexible payments software and services that help financial institutions meet rapidly changing market demands. Our diverse customer base spans over retail banks, processing centres, national switches and personalisation centres in countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America. With almost twenty years experience, Compass Plus helps build and manage all-scale electronic payment systems that generate new revenues and improve profits for its customers.

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