Connecticut credit unions encourage America’s newest billionaire to seek advice via “Wise Winnings”

Bruce Adams, President & CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut, issued the following statement to America’s newest billionaire and record-breaking Powerball winner:

WALLINGFORD, CT (November 9, 2022)

“Congratulations to America’s newest billionaire—the winner of today’s record-breaking $2 billion Powerball jackpot. You’re probably pretty excited, but also a little nervous and wondering what to do next. Well, if you had bought your ticket here in Connecticut, you would have automatically received information on the ‘Wise Winnings’ program created by a first-of-its-kind partnership between the Credit Union League of Connecticut and Connecticut Lottery that offers no-cost financial coaching after hitting it big in the lottery. But we’d be happy to help even though you’re all the way out there in California.

“’Wise Winnings’ provides winners with an avenue to find, and meet with, a trained credit union financial counselor to help guide people toward making sound financial decisions—whether it be $600 or almost $2 billion. We have a dedicated website——where you can learn more about the program, and every Connecticut Lottery player who wins $600 or more receives an informational brochure with their prize check.

“On behalf of Connecticut’s credit unions, we congratulate you—America’s newest billionaire—on your big win and sincerely hope you plan wisely before treating yourself!” – Bruce Adams, President & CEO of The Credit Union League of Connecticut

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