Constellation opens the developers’ portal for its cloud-based digital platform

RALEIGH, NC (August 29, 2018) — Constellation Digital Partners, LLC is announcing the release of Aquarius 1.1, the developers’ portal of its cloud-based marketplace. This is the second major development milestone for the credit union service organization (CUSO) following the launch of its first product implementation, Aquarius, in February 2018. Progress and development of the digital platform continues to move forward at a steady pace.

The Aquarius 1.1 developers’ portal provides registered developers with access to the necessary resources to create services and external connectors for the platform, including, but not limited to:

  • A dedicated test environment with test credit unions.
  •  A process to submit tiles and external connector projects to Constellation for certification.
  • Documentation and training materials.

“Aquarius 1.1 is complete, and developers are already creating services within the platform,” said Developer Evangelist Daryl Thornton. “The portal has been deployed to our production environment and we have been conducting training sessions for all of our registered developers. It’s been awesome to see the myriad of services the developers are working on. Some recent test services include, loan rates and term resets, card controls, AI chatbots and so much more.”

The Constellation platform will make it possible for credit unions to access resources needed to provide the digital services members want. Constellation’s patented secure marketplace benefits fintech developers, credit unions, and most importantly, credit union members. With Constellation, credit unions will now be able to engage members in a way that’s never been possible before.

Each release going forward will extend the services of the Constellation platform and include new capabilities, features and functions to financial technology developers, credit unions and eventually members.

“The developers’ portal is the first of its kind. Launching this unique service allows all of our developer partners to access the platform, create new services, test them and ultimately submit them for certification to us,” said Founder and CEO Kristopher Kovacs. “Our next major release is due before the end of the year.  That next release, called Bootes, will include the first core connections on the platform.”

Interested in becoming a registered developer on the Constellation platform? Visit and select “Contact Us.”

To learn more about Constellation, visit And, connect with Constellation on Twitter, Instagram (@ConstellationDP), Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Constellation Digital Partners, LLC

Constellation Digital Partners is a leading provider of digital banking solutions that enable credit unions to deliver a unique and customized digital banking experience to their members. Constellation’s patented, open development platform allows credit unions to pursue innovative fintech services at the pace of their individual digital strategy. For more information, visit


Derek Howard
For Constellation

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