Consumer Alert: Skip Pricey Springtime Nuptials for a Budget-Friendly Winter Wedding with New Expert Guide

Couples who have been planning the quintessential spring wedding may want to wait until the end of this year, as leading personal finance site,, finds this peak wedding season means couples will pay a premium to get hitched. GoBankingRates speaks with industry experts and newlyweds to find the best tips for planning a low-cost winter wedding in its new guide.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (March 25, 2013) – An idyllic spring wedding is what many newly engaged couples are planning right now, but with an estimated six million marriage proposals popped this past Valentine’s Day alone, according to the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker consumer report, competition to book a ceremony may make it an expensive challenge. GoBankingRates spoke with wedding planning veterans and newlyweds to compose a new guide for planning a beautiful but budget-friendly winter wedding.

Robyn Bruns, owner and president of Red Letter Event Planning, told GoBankingRates that a winter wedding can be a good, low-cost alternative to a spring ceremony. “Many venues will offer off-season rates… some vendors will offer substantial discounts,” Bruns said, explaining this is especially true in the inland northwest where winters are exceptionally slow.

However, because a winter wedding takes place in the off-season, it also requires the couple to be willing to make some compromises. Jennifer Calonia, GoBankingRates editor, advises, “A winter wedding does require a bit of flexibility when it comes to details like flowers and photo-ops, but can be just as aesthetically appealing as a spring wedding for a fraction of the cost.”

View the complete expert guide to planning a low-cost winter wedding.

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