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OmniChannel Communications announces no-commitment monthly subscriptions to financial feed

LA MESA, CA (March 4, 2019) — OmniChannel Communications, creator of the FinancialFeed financial literacy and content marketing platform for financial institutions, has completely revamped its pricing structure to keep pace with market expectations. Effective immediately, FinancialFeed is available as a low-cost monthly subscription that requires no long-term commitment.

“FinancialFeed was created to give banks and credit unions an easy pathway to robust content marketing while providing consumers with actionable, constantly updated financial information,” said OmniChannel Communications president John San Filippo. “Now we’ve put together a pricing model that matches FinancialFeed’s ease of use. Any FI with a website, from the smallest to the largest, can be up and running with FinancialFeed in literally minutes.”

San Filippo added that FinancialFeed offers two very simple and transparent pricing tiers. “If the institution serves fewer than 20,000 consumers, the cost is $350 per month,” he said. “More consumers than that and the cost is $500 per month. That’s it!”

FinancialFeed leverages a content delivery system developed by nationally recognized cybersecurity expert Jim Stickley, founder of Stickley on Security. The plug-and-play financial literacy portal resides entirely on the institution’s website and offers:

Fresh, original articles added daily.
Five categories of content:

  • The basics
  • Everyday living
  • Planning and saving
  • Major expenses
  • Seasonal spending

Fully social media-enabled content for easy sharing.
•The ability to customize any article, including hyperlinks to relevant pages on the institution’s website.
The ability for the institution to add its own articles to help drive sales.

About OmniChannel Communications

Founded in 2016 by credit union industry veterans John San Filippo and Heather Anderson, OmniChannel Communications provides marketing and publicity services to fintechs and other financial services firms. Services include branding, content marketing digital marketing and media relations. Learn more at


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