Consumer Report: 5 Free Shipping Secrets to Save Money on Holiday Gift Purchases from Amazon and Other National Retailers Exposed by Savings Expert, Jennifer Calonia

In her latest report, frugal shopping expert, Jennifer Calonia of Go Banking Rates investigates how holiday shoppers can avoid shipping fees entirely on online gift purchases from retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Her findings uncover five failsafe ways to find free shipping on purchases, giving consumers the gift of savings during the holiday season.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, December 14, 2012 – Online shopping has become a trusted source for finding the best Christmas gifts at a low price. In a Go Banking Rates investigation, savings expert, Jennifer Calonia, discovers five free shipping options holiday shoppers can take advantage of in order to save even more on their gift purchases from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Target.

“Knowing how to save money on shipping is the best defense for deal hunters this season,” says Ms. Calonia. “Fortunately, there are a handful of dependable ways to completely eliminate shipping prices from tightening holiday shopping budgets.” is a highly popular retailer during the peak holiday shopping season, which is why Ms. Calonia starts her investigation with this cost-conscious store. Her findings uncover not one, but two opportunities for Amazon shoppers to save money on shipping costs — one option is through a free trial Amazon Prime membership, and the other is through Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping alternative.

Consumers who are not avid Amazon shoppers are not left in the dark, as Ms. Calonia provides more ways to obtain free shipping from the country’s most popular stores. Rounding out the list, include:

1. Using free shipping codes from online coupon websites like
2. Shopping on national ‘Free Shipping Day’
3. Choosing in-store pickup for stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy

To find out more about these five ways to save on shipping, please view the full report.

Ms. Calonia reports on personal finance, with a specialty in saving money, budgeting and lifestyle. She is available to comment on any of these topics and can be reached via e-mail at JenniferC(@)ConsumerTrack(dot)com.

About Jennifer Calonia
Jennifer Calonia is a reputed journalist covering personal finance subjects like banking, saving money and debt. Her features and helpful savings tips encourage and empower households across America to achieve financial balance. In November 2012, she launched her bi-weekly newsletter series called, Breaking Up with Debtwhere she teaches readers how to use Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Step Plan to break free of debt.

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