Cool Michigan Spring offset by hot conversion project list

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (May 16, 2014) — For Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, a hot conversion project load has helped offset the colder-than-normal springtime weather in the Midwest.  According to CUSO sources, their back office and call center conversion support teams will have assisted with seven core data processing conversion projects in seven different states before arrives.  Those seven states include five different time zones stretching from New Jersey to Alaska.

“Our ability to support our core data processing partners as they onboard new credit unions continues to be a critical area of focus for our CUSO, said Xtend President Scott Collins.  “It provides an opportunity for us to not only assist our CUSO partners at CU*Answers, CU*Northwest and CU*South as they transition the credit union’s back office and front office teams to a new set of tools, it also provides an opportunity for us to expose each new credit union to our portfolio of shared resources services.  Our goal is to help ensure each converting credit union becomes an engaged customer-owner for decades to come.”

Commenting on the spring project load, Collins noted, “As you can imagine, seven credit unions in five different time zones certainly presents challenges, but the team has been solid.  We are in the home stretch of this latest load, and I commend our teams for their focus.”

“Of course with the weather outside we have not experienced the typical spring distractions,” Collins joked.

About Xtend ( Xtend, Inc. is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO formed in 2002 with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Xtend provides a wide array of managerial, operational, marketing, technical planning and consulting services for credit unions of all sizes.  In short, Xtend is an aggregation point for shared resources that allows credit unions to deliver products and services more cost-effectively.  Their strategic offerings include bookkeeping services, member contact services, back-office mortgage services, partnered liquidity opportunities, shared branching, compliance monitoring, and insurance services.  Xtend provides services for over 180 credit unions representing more than 925,000 members and $9.2B in assets.  The CUSO is currently owned by 78 credit union partners.

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