Cooperative Credit Union Association partners with National Credit Center

MALBOROUGH, MA (July 12, 2023) — The Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) announced a partnership with National Credit Center (NCC) to offer member credit unions a single provider for all credit bureau scores and compliance products at a discounted rate. NCC supplies bureau ID codes directly into all LOS/Core systems used for credit pulls with no change or additional work required on the credit union’s end.

NCC is a channel provider for consumer credit data with all three credit bureaus and has been in partnership for nearly 30 years. By actioning 50+ million credit pulls annually on behalf of clients, NCC leverages its volume to obtain reduced costs from the credit bureaus and can supply the same bureau data directly to lenders at a discounted rate.

To learn more about how NCC can reduce credit bureau costs for credit unions, while streamlining additional services, contact Kyle Wayland (Director of Sales at NCC) at, or by telephone at (512) 894-8458. You may also contact Dean Martino (Director of Business Development at CCUA) at, or by telephone at (508)-229-5615.

About Cooperative Credit Union Association

About the Cooperative Credit Union Association: The Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) is the leading regional trade organization, acting as the advocate for nearly 200 credit unions spanning Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. These member credit unions collectively manage assets exceeding $75 billion, serving a combined membership of over 4.8 million consumers. Visit for more information.


Janelle Mullen
Director of Marketing

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