Corelation continues success serving credit unions in 2021, signs and converts more than 50 clients to KeyStone

SAN DIEGO, CA (January 12, 2022) — Leading credit union core processor Corelation Inc.,continued its success in serving credit unions last year (2021), signing 19 credit unions (cumulative total $8 billion in assets/576,000 members) and converting another 32 credit unions (cumulative total $18.7 billion in assets/1.4 million members) to leverage its progressive KeyStone core platform. To date, Corelation has 170 total credit unions signed to use KeyStone.

Among the many reasons for signing with and converting to Corelation’s KeyStone, credit unions were looking for more freedom in working with third-party vendors, leveraging the core processor’s open API (KeyBridge). This open API allows them to integrate in real time with nearly any financial technology on the market today.

Other credit unions were excited to use the core’s intuitive user interface that allows staff to complete work in a familiar, browser-based interface. This ease of use allows staff to work closer with members, meeting their needs in a more timely manner than ever before.

Additional clients found Corelation’s culture, reputation, and “More in the Core” mantra a perfect fit for better serving their members’ evolving needs in today’s rapidly changing digital era.

Check out the sampling of Corelation’s new credit union client responses from 2021 …

“After experiencing how powerful KeyStone is, our entire core selection committee was left speechless as we imagined the possibilities this core will offer,” explained Fort Community Credit Union CEO Sue Johnson.  “After our very first demo of the KeyStone solution, we asked Corelation to pencil in our conversion date.”

“KeyStone’s modern, intuitive user interface will enable our employees to complete their tasks with ease so they can focus on building relationships with our members,” remarked Statewide Federal Credit Union CEO Casey Bacon. “As our credit union grows and evolves, we need modern technology that will enable us to provide the best solutions for our members.”

“Corelation’s focus on one product [KeyStone] and dedication to continuously enhancing that product really resonated with us,” explained NIH Federal Credit Union Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jesse Boyer. “KeyStone will allow our credit union to better serve our very important membership.  We especially look forward to more efficient integrations with our digital banking and interactive teller machines.”

“With KeyStone’s ‘More in the Core’ approach, person-centric model, and more efficient processing on the back end, we can concentrate on giving our members the best possible banking experience,” stated Jeff Ference, Lafayette FCU’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “KeyStone’s open API [KeyBridge] coupled with their newly added support for the Linux operating system will offer exciting future growth potential for Lafayette FCU.”

“It was crucial for us to choose a core solution that was designed with a modern programming language and that has a proven open API, which allows for real-time integration and transaction processing,” said Red Rocks Credit Union President/CEO Pat Ahern. “Many core systems speak to having an open API, but Corelation’s API [KeyBridge] offers true integration.”

“Our entire team agrees that KeyStone offers the best built-in features and functionality and the most intuitive user experience,” explained USX Federal Credit Union President/CEO Mark A. Volponi. “As we work towards our goal of upgrading our digital offerings, KeyStone’s open architecture and API [KeyBridge] will greatly expand our ability to integrate with third-party vendors.”

“Our ‘More in the Core’ mission is all about providing our credit union partners with the most user-friendly, future-focused technology available and complementing it with unparalleled service,” shared Corelation CEO Theresa Benavidez. “Once again, our talented team exceeded all expectations in accomplishing this goal in 2021. We are incredibly proud of them and their hard work in playing such a significant role helping enhance credit unions’ relevancy in the financial services marketplace.

“Like 2021, we see 2022 as another pivotal year for credit unions to leverage the latest technology, striving even further to better serve their members,” she added. “We are honored to serve them with their unique needs to make this aim a reality.”

About Corelation Inc.

Based in San Diego, CA, Corelation is the innovative core processor for today’s credit union. This solution is a person-centric system that empowers credit unions to offer the best member service possible, enhancing their value for member attraction and retention. In terms of industry experience, Corelation’s staff has dedicated their careers to creating core systems and providing unparalleled client service. For more information, visit


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