Corelation deepens core with CRM Module ‘KeyInsight’

SAN DIEGO, CA (January 21, 2014) — Credit union core processor Corelation Inc. has added a new module to its already robust core system: a handy CRM tool called KeyInsight. KeyInsight can track every member interaction desired by the credit union, which allows it to build a treasure trove of useful information to analyze, as well as streamlining access to member data across all branches and channels. Corelation’s CRM module was added in late Q4 of 2013.

According to Corelation CTO Jeff Dent, access to this member information can yield opportunities for product sales, an enhanced relationship with the credit union, and can automatically queue and notify user groups of these opportunities for immediate follow up.

A major benefit of KeyInsight’s functionality is that it is fully accessible through the core’s KeyBridge API. In other words, these interactions and subsequent opportunities can be created through any access channel: home banking, IVR, or any member-facing application. In addition, the vast data that is gathered through this tracking can be sliced and diced in whatever way the credit union chooses, thanks to KeyStone’s built-in data analysis tool.

While this initial version of the software is powerful, flexible, and automated, it is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be built on Corelation’s foundation. “We are gathering feedback from clients who have already begun to use this new software,” Dent says. “We are really excited about the directions it could lead us – not to mention the new levels of service that can be offered to members nationwide.”

“KeyStone continues to grow and to improve almost daily for our credit union clients,” Corelation President Theresa Benavidez says. “Our developers are always incorporating new features and functionality to enhance its user-friendliness for more efficient and effective operations. And KeyInsight is a perfect representation of the opportunity that awaits credit unions in 2014 and beyond with our always evolving technology.”

About Corelation, Inc.
Based in San Diego, CA, Corelation is the innovative new core processor for today’s credit union. This solution is a member-centric system that empowers credit unions to offer the best member service possible, enhancing their value for member attraction and retention. In terms of industry experience, Corelation’s staff has dedicated their careers to creating core systems and providing unparalleled client service. For more information, visit

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