Corelation Unlocks Secrets to the Next Generation of Core Processing Systems in Upcoming Webinar

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 30, 2013) — When it comes to the future of credit union financial technology services, few companies know more than credit union core processor Corelation Inc. Corelation leverages this proven expertise in an upcoming, complimentary webinar “Unlocking the Next Generation of Core Systems” that occurs September 12, 2013, 1-2 p.m. (CST).

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Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How a “person-centric” design enhances the member experience
  • How a browser-based design and AJAX technology harnesses the power and intuitiveness of the Internet
  • How ID/Receipt image capture and retrieval are integrated into a core system
  • How credit union defined workflows and scripting can improve efficiencies and automate tasks

Conducting the webinar will be Corelation’s Business Development Executive Gregg Bachelder, who has nearly 30 years credit union technology experience primarily with core processing systems. Bachelder was also a credit union employee early in his career gaining valuable IT insight from the credit union perspective.

“Nearly all of us at Corelation have spent our entire careers developing, designing, and supporting technology for credit unions,” Corelation President Theresa Benavidez says. “With this vast experience, we know very well that producing a top-notch product coupled with unparalleled support is a major factor for credit unions to provide exception member service – which boosts their value exponentially in a highly competitive market. This webinar encompasses that philosophy so credit unions can continue to be increasingly attractive to today’s consumers, while retaining their established members. Technology is, obviously, a huge part of that success.”

About Corelation, Inc.
Based in San Diego, CA, Corelation is the innovative new core processor for today’s credit union. This solution is a member-centric system that empowers credit unions to offer the best member service possible, enhancing their value for member attraction and retention. In terms of industry experience, Corelation’s staff has dedicated their careers to creating core systems and providing unparalleled client service. For more information, visit

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