Couple finds First United Credit Union balloon after it travels 1,000 miles landing in Foxcroft-Dover, Maine

GRANDVILLE, MI (September 17, 2014) — Every credit union believes in doing business with long distance ease and convenience, as well as enduring member service. First United Credit Union takes this strategy to a new level with its incredible story of one small, red balloon. On Monday, September 15th, a couple in Foxcroft-Dover, Maine found this First United balloon estimating it had traveled 1,000 miles.

“We sponsor many community events,” says First United President & CEO Mark Richter. “We’re always there to support our members; we have giveaways, refreshments, and balloons for the kids.”

However, the story of one such balloon remains a bit unclear. “We think a balloon became lost from its owner at an event we sponsored this summer, perhaps the Jenison Triathlon or YMCA Buck Creek Run,” continues Richter. “Or, since we give them out daily, a child may have let the balloon go from our office.”

The credit union isn’t exactly sure when the balloon was lost, but it does know it traveled a great distance to reach its final destination.

‘How far will your financial institution go for you?’

Many have asked this question. But, thanks to Nancy and Sanford Robinson, First United can now declare the answer.

On Monday, September 15th, the Robinsons found a red balloon in the center of their front lawn. Not in Grand Rapids, not even in Michigan…but all the way in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, about 1,000 miles from First United’s office!

Intact, albeit smaller, the balloon found by the Robinsons shows the clear imprint of the credit union’s logo.

The Robinsons chuckle at the story. “With so much bad news blasting us daily, it feels good to have a lighthearted story to share.”

First United plans on getting some ‘mileage’ from the story as well, and of course, it always goes the extra mile for members.

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